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Several countries including close allies, or nations otherwise considered as friends have conducted economic espionage against the United States. According to the FBI, its estimated that “billions of U.S. dollars are lost to foreign competitors every year who deliberately target economic intelligence in advanced technologies and flourishing U.S. industries.” The FBI has consequently declared economic espionage as a priority, second only to terrorism.

Besides France, Great Britain, Japan and South Korea; other friendly countries have regularly conducted economic espionage against the United States. For instance, Israel, “with the cooperation of American Jews,” and despite being a major recipient of US…

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This case study presents the United States’ ongoing institutional campaign to respond to the perceived threat of China’s pursuit of its technical independency. From the perspective of the national security of the United States, its campaign may be perceived as a counter-intelligence program, while the Chinese government deems these steps as a strategic threat to its technological leap.


On January 28th, 2020 Prof. Charles Lieber, the Chair of Harvard University’s Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department was arrested along with two other Chinese nationals in three separate China related cases (DOJ, January 2020). Lieber was arrested for making false statements to…

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In order to maintain U.S. primacy, while securing its diplomatic, military and economic access to this most populous region, it is a matter of vital interest for the United States Government (USG) to seek economic intelligence on Myanmar.

Since its independence from British colonial rule in 1948, the state of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) remains challenged by competing political ideologies (Dash, 2020). …

F.W. de Klerk shakes hands with Nelson Mandela. The two men made history by ending apartheid. Image courtesy: Wikimedia

This paper examines key differences between South Africa’s intelligence services during the implementation of apartheid by the Afrikaner National Party in 1948, and after the democratic transition led by the African National Congress in 1994. It focuses on key differences in the intelligence agenda of two different governments: one whose aim was geared towards preserving a white minority rule, while the post-Apartheid government focused on moving towards a path of majority representation within the framework of a multi-racial democracy.

Post-apartheid, this paper highlights the new objectives and frameworks which were created for the reform of the nation’s intelligence services.

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“Aspiration for power is the distinguishing element of all politics, and hence of international politics. International politics is of necessity power politics.”

Hans Morgenthau,
Politics Among Nations, 1948

Gathering intelligence doesn’t simply combine different forms of disciplines and experiences to analyze and assist in the decision making process of a nation state, private corporation or even a criminal organization. There are several steps involved in the intelligence cycle which are assisted by an intricate array of collection disciplines, including IMINT, SIGINT, MASINT, HUMINT, FININT and sometimes, even RUMINT. …

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Although largely understudied because of its secretive nature, covert action is often used as a policy tool. It is an arm of state power which like diplomacy and military power can be used to assist actors in shaping reality.

As much as it has been in the public eye of late, covert action isn’t limited to modern western democracies, but has been around since the formation of early states and societies where it was employed as a common tool of statecraft. Ancient Romans used clandestine operations, covert action, political assassinations and paramilitary operations as a regular part of their foreign…

Srinagar, Kashmir 2014. India. Photographed by the Author.


This article examines the relationship between India and Pakistan regarding the issue of Kashmir. It suggests that the construction of these three entities was primarily facilitated by local dynamics and political forces working under the umbrella of the former British colonial empire. It reflects on the post-independence grievances and argues that these continue to be endured by several groups without being limited to one single group over the other. …

Tech Titans Appear for a Remote Hearing, July 29th, 2020

During a live hearing conducted before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday July 29th , four of the world’s most powerful tech titans testified at an antitrust hearing titled: ‘Online Platforms and Market Power: Examining the Dominance of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.’

In a session which lasted for five and a half hours, members of the United States’ Congress asked the four CEO’s grueling questions which echoed many concerns which the public has been vocal about over the past several years. …

Type 6 Bungalow: built during early 1900’s. Lucknow, India. Photograph by the Author.

The term ‘development’ refers to the self-sustained economic growth of a country or an institution. This process is usually determined by observing improvements in the living standards of a population as a whole. Ideally, economic development should influence peace, lead towards security and facilitate international co-existence. Broadly defined and according to several developmental theorists, economic development can lead to poverty eradication and prosperity for societies.

Today, most of the world’s impoverished nations are identified in an area defined as the Global South where a large percentage of extreme poverty trends are displayed. To overcome these poverty trends, several international governance…

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